GoproHD first time out!

Took my gopro out for the first time and scored some fun wave. Now i just need to get it in some heaving barrels. Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROVz849N8wE


Gopro HD cam has arrived.

Just got my Gopro HD today. Gotta get it mounted on my board! Had a few problems with the MP4 files. Had to convert to AVI to edit in premiere and it's still struggling at 720p. We'll see how it goes after a few tubes.

The cam.


Back From The Outer Banks Again

Just got back tonight. Kinda wierd going up alone. Camping in a storm was pretty fun. Got a few good shots. Still having trouble getting in the tube with people. Some people just don't like you in there with em on their wave it seems.

My little cave away from the rain and lightning.

Long range shot for a fisheye. The guy gets spit out.



So I decided to grow a stach for the kids. As you can see it's not super impressive. The official growing period ends Dec 8th too so it's not looking so good for me as far as having a good quality stach by then. But hey, it's for the kids so let's all get it done. If you want to donate to a good cause check out MS4K website and send in a donation! IT'S FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

Here are the pictures of my awesome mustach.

Very useful when thinking.

As you can see it almost spans my entire upper lip. Almost.

And it's blonde... kinda wierd.

I feel like I look a bit like Einstein here. Not sure why. His stach was so much better.

I dare you to make a donation. I DARE.... YOU.


Holiday Flotilla

26th annual NC Holiday Flotilla photos:
Wrightsville Beach lights up in festive colors for the holidays.

The dolphin has welcomed people to the beach for years.

A large party boat sits in Banks Channel awaiting the parade of boats and fireworks.

A boat goes by docks in Banks Channel during the flotilla.

Boats traverse Banks Channel to get a closer look as the fireworks begin.

A second blast erupts to mark the start of the display.

The finale started off with a huge explosion of golden sparks, and brought a close to a cold night of hot chocolate and friends and family.



Strange monster found in the marsh. Try to guess what it is before scrolling down for the answer :)
AHHH!!! what is it?

Dead Sunfish.


Leonids Meteor Shower

Just a quick one. Woke up at 2:30am and drove down to Fort Fisher to check it out. Turned out to be a lot better than i thought. It's really hard to get a photo of a meteor. Needs to be really bright. I managed to come away with one though. Enjoy.

Here i have marked out Leo and Mars. The meteor is on the left and the dotted light is an airplane going by. Click to enlarge.


Ida/Nor Easter

Hurricane Ida became a pretty little Nor Easter that even sent waves down to Wrigthsville Beach. Got a few photos, and finally got into a few barrels with surfers thanks to Chris Curry, Jarrod Covington, and their excellent surfing.

Click to enlarge

What a view.

Jarrod Covington

Chris Curry


Beach 2 Battleship

Had a ton of fun taking photos at the race. Check out the gallery on my website for more: http://kehayaphoto.com/gallery

Mike rounding the corner about 1/4 mile from the finish.



Tried my 50mm in my housing today. Mixed results. Only 5 guys were out so i just took a few then got out to catch some waves myself.


Hard to get sharp photos with dark cloudy skies.

Just really liked this one.


Bark in the Park

Love dogs. Can't help it. Got some great shots at Bark in the Park a few days ago. Check them out in my website gallery. http://kehayaphoto.com/gallery

That's one happy dog.


Along came a...

Probably an Orb Weaver Spider. It's About the size of a half dollar with its legs spread out.

legs crawling along

Up to a safe place to hide and feed. Don't forget a safety line.


Canes Preseason game

So you can get your camera into a Canes game if you don't have a lens that's too big. I managed some decent shots... i think. It was a really fun game and i had a lot of great oportunities to get shots. I'm going to put up a gallery on my website of about 17 shots since they are better veiwed in a larger size.

This fight was pretty good.

Cole is amazing to watch.


TS Danny

I chased TS Danny up to the OBX even though the waves were forecast to be great everywhere. It turned out pretty good and I even got my first 2 photos on surfline! http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/danny-delivers-tropical-storm-sends-fun-surf-to-east-coast_30145/

Unfortunately I worked myself so hard I got pneumonia and ended up collapsing in my apartment before finally going to the doctor. I'm finally feeling better though, and have done a bit a spearfishing and had a chance to get these photos up. It was my second time swimming out in surf up there so I definitely learned a lot. Hopefully I'll get some better ones next time.

S-turns doing its thing. Pretty drifty. I was too tired to fight it and kept having to walk back down the beach.

Another one out there. This guy air dropped and made the bottom turn. Right as he was set up for the barrel I realized I was too far out and missed it just as he pulled in. Definitely the best chance I had at getting a shot of a guy in a tube.

Lighthouse barreled all day. In the afternoon everyone left and the place got real empty.

Benny B would have had a stand up barrel on this one but a late drop resulted in a broken board. He got another and 20 minutes later got spat out of another wave.


Life Rolls On

Every year, the Life Rolls On Foundation comes to WB and makes it possible for people with spinal cord injuries to surf. Volunteers provide food, water, music, and especially in water support to make it safe for all the participants. Imagine you only got to surf once a year and you will realize how big of a deal this is for some people.

Miss Wheelchair NC getting a fun ride.


Fun with Crabs

Blue crabs are one of the coolest, just because of the colors. This guy and me had fun for a couple minutes taking photos before I let him go. It's strange how they get really calm after you hold them for a while. He was actually living in a crab death pond so maybe he's happier now since I let him go in the waterway.

Mr Blue Crab

Mr Dead Crab in the crab death pond.



So Robert makes a pretty good model. I decided this one would be a good Ray Ban ad.



Fin meets face. Pulling into a stomach high barrel just cause you are desperate to see the inside of a tube is not always the smartest idea. 3-4 days out of the water is lame.

"I don't got time to bleed"



Funny how some days you look outside and see rain. Then just as the sun is setting the rain stops, a rainbow forms, and the clouds explode with color.

It was fun racing down the wet road on a road bike to get this photo before it vanished

WB Sunset



When groms attack you realize you're not having as much fun as they are. Probably because the waves are head high for them and knee high for you.

Nash carving into one today.

Noah duck diving a wave.

My face looks better blurry lke this.



Everyone loves to skurf. It can definitely translate to your surfing back in the ocean. I've never seen anyone doing the stuff these guys were doing though.

Tailslide? No problem.

Click to enlarge.

Air with a grab.



So rainbows are hard to photograph. I took this one into photoshop to try and bring out the color better. Here are the results. Not super nice but not super bad.


After 2