Moon Rise

The night before last I saw the moon rise. It was crazy looking, orange, and huge right over the ocean. I headed out last night to try and photograph it. I came away with a few shots, but it was challenging because the camera's internal light meter always over exposes the moon. This was one of the fisrt shots i got while the moon was low. I really like the warped effect the horizon gives, and the moon looks huge. Unfortunately the time to expose the pier would have taken to long to get a clear shot of the moon at the same time. Some later shots i created a composite image in photoshop to fix this problem. Anyways here's the shot. It was about 15 seconds to expose the pier but 2.5 seconds for the moon at this point and it was moving fast.


Mexico Video

i finally finished editing my footage from Mexico. Everything was shot in the Go-Pro Hero HD.

here is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj9eTtDrFGs