Cold Stroke Classic

This year the cold stroke classic took place in not so cold weather. The water was plenty chilly in the upper fifties, but the air was mid sixties. Instead of biting cold however, the racers were greated with an unrelenting 30+ knot wind out of the south. While some areas of the course were protected others, such as the final leg to the finish, were fully exposed with large short period wind chop coming broadside into the races. Here are a few photos from the event. Enjoy!

Don't let this photo fool you. This is an example of a protected part of the course. This contestant was enjoying a 30 knot nudge pushing him down wind.

Back towards the finish contestants were dropping like flies as short period chop hit them broadside.

This dog's ears never felt so light weight and Tony Silvagni's hair was stuck like this for two days.

A contestant on his way to the finish brings the paddle across his body to back paddle in an effort to keep the nose of his SUP directed towards his goal.

Even the spectators fell victim to the wind with rouge SUPs lifting from the ground to attack! Good dad right there blocking the board from hitting his son.