Lunar Eclipse Dec 21, 2010

The full eclipse of the moon last night was amazing. As an added bonus there were at least 3 amazing shooting stars! One with a huge smoke trail. Hopefully someone out there got an image of the moon with the shooting stars. The bright shooting stars even occurred right around 2:41am when many websites and news orgs had recommended people on the East Coast take a look at the eclipse. If the eclipse and shooting stars were not enough Venus made a very dramatic rise over the ocean early in the morning. Check out a few images below.

Venus rises over the Atlantic Ocean.

This is a fish eye view of the full eclipse. The sky grew very dark except for light pollution from nearby Wilmington.

Here is a view of both sides of the moon while the eclipse was taking place. Makes you wonder what it would look like from the surface of the Moon, or what the Moon would have looked like if it were fully eclipsed by the Earth and you were viewing it from the International Space Station.

Here is a shot of the Moon totally eclipsed by the Earth.