Back From The Outer Banks Again

Just got back tonight. Kinda wierd going up alone. Camping in a storm was pretty fun. Got a few good shots. Still having trouble getting in the tube with people. Some people just don't like you in there with em on their wave it seems.

My little cave away from the rain and lightning.

Long range shot for a fisheye. The guy gets spit out.



So I decided to grow a stach for the kids. As you can see it's not super impressive. The official growing period ends Dec 8th too so it's not looking so good for me as far as having a good quality stach by then. But hey, it's for the kids so let's all get it done. If you want to donate to a good cause check out MS4K website and send in a donation! IT'S FOR THE KIDS!!!!!

Here are the pictures of my awesome mustach.

Very useful when thinking.

As you can see it almost spans my entire upper lip. Almost.

And it's blonde... kinda wierd.

I feel like I look a bit like Einstein here. Not sure why. His stach was so much better.

I dare you to make a donation. I DARE.... YOU.


Holiday Flotilla

26th annual NC Holiday Flotilla photos:
Wrightsville Beach lights up in festive colors for the holidays.

The dolphin has welcomed people to the beach for years.

A large party boat sits in Banks Channel awaiting the parade of boats and fireworks.

A boat goes by docks in Banks Channel during the flotilla.

Boats traverse Banks Channel to get a closer look as the fireworks begin.

A second blast erupts to mark the start of the display.

The finale started off with a huge explosion of golden sparks, and brought a close to a cold night of hot chocolate and friends and family.