Spring Time Weather

Changes in seasons bring the best surf. Spring time is no exception. South winds blow temperatures up to the 70s while the North winds after a storm drop them back to the 30s and 40s and create some nice offshore winds. Yesterday was a perfect example. I went out with the flash on for the first time. Funny how the best photos were when I intentionally turned it off. Here are a few quick ones from yesterday.

Early in the session the tide was super low and the waves were breaking so hard and fast nobody was making the drops. Here's Jack Brandon going for it and paying the price as he rides the lip down.

Later the light got great and the flash was an unneeded encumbrance and the barrels got much more lined up.

Jason goofing off with this front side air. The flash actually did a great job freezing him in place.

The flash really made this barrel look nice and the motion blur from the lower shutter speed had a nice effect too.

Carnage. It was a six hour session. Sunburn, windburn, crusty salt covered face, dehydration, early stage hypothermia, and these sweet battle wounds on my feet from the Force Fins I borrowed yesterday.