Sandy Sweaty and finally a good break

Got super close to a nice heron today. Not the most epic looking bird but I was within six feet for as long as I wanted to be there. Also saw two night herons. They are pretty awesome looking and creepy.
The night heron and his beady little red eye.
This reminds me of a Jurassic Park establishing shot for a huge Dinosaur.


T shirts

So I made my first t shirt design a reality not too long ago and people really seem to like them. There are only a few left. I would have to think they will sell better in the summer. I'm hoping i can find a way to make a few more of my designs a reality. The problem is that I thought I could just do whatever I wanted. And you can. It's just that they get pretty expensive once you start using more than a logo on the chest area. About 3 to 4 times as expensive!

Here is what the first shirt looks like!!!


Azalea Triathlon

The Azalea Tri is a sprint format triathlon that takes place each year on the campus of UNCW. Sprints are great because, well, they are shorter. It's a very different kind of race from a full tri. This year the weather was great. Nice and warm unlike last year's bitter, cold wind. The indoor swim at the UNCW pool provided a difficult lighting situation under dim, florescent light, but the conditions outside were a perfect blue sky day. I had some fun taking photos while Kate raced and it gave me some good ideas for the next time I shoot at a triathlon.

The pool start is staggered via time

Kate taking a big breath while keeping a steady pace.

Kate shifting on the straightaway.

Kate taking a turn

Kate running through campus in the last mile of the run.