Learning the Easy Way

So there are a few things you can learn the easy way. One is surfing. Just come out to Tony Silvagni's Surf School at the end of Hammlet Ave in Carolina Beach. The other is to have your housing flood while shooting surf school. Yeh, i thought it would never happen to me but it did. I got lax and didn't tighten a wingnut. I learned the easy way though since only about a half ounce of sea water got in and didn't touch my camera. Washed out and dried the housing and was back shooting in the water for the afternoon lessons! No harm no foul...

The look on my face when I saw the water in my housing.

Some guys from Spain sharing a wave

Madeleine getting some coaching on the wave.

6 years old and his first ride ever. Yeh he's smiling.

It's nice to have some help getting out.