Sea Glass

Sea Glass is just glass that is for one reason or another lost or discarded. It finds its way into the ocean, gets churned up a bit, and is washed back up on the beach. Beaches all over the world have these little treasures. Some get put under immense pressure and over time even warp, without breaking, to make some wonderful shapes. The glass is always foggy due to rolling around in the sand and water. Typically you can spot it right at the high tide line with other debris and shells. It comes in many sizes, shapes and colors. It wakes great jewelry or a decoration. For me it reminds me of treasure from a shipwreck when I see a piece sparkling on the beach.

A jar full of water and sea glass being hit by early morning light. All gathered from Wrightsville Beach.

A sea glass necklace I made from blue sea glass I found in Puerto Rico.


Snow Day

The recent snow fall in town was a pretty rare event. There was even a day with good surf and snow still on the beach. Unfortunately none of the websites I sent photos too seemed to think it was a big deal. Oh well. Here are a few shots of some places around the beach. Enjoy!

Someone needs to bundle up.

The newest surf shop in town all covered in white.

Robert's Grocery. doing an imitation of a small town grocery store up North.

Mott's Seafood. Fish are definitely staying cold and fresh today!

We've got the beer on ice and the whine chilled. Lighthouse is the best place to enjoy your favorite beer.

Some people think Southerners don't have a clue about snow because everything shuts down. Not this breakfast house. They are still churning out hot coffee and pancakes for all the people who don't have to go in to work on this day.

Crystal Pier in a later interview mocked this snow storm and refused to make comparisons to anything the tropics has dealt it over the years.

The kids had snowball fights on the beach and reporters were there to catch it all. One brave guy was out knee boarding the tiny waves. Water temp: 43.3

Tony Butler was probably one of only a handful of people working. Still stoked.

The image of a baja themed restaurant seems slightly out of place covered in snow. Though the water of northern baja is quite frigid.

Pizza on ice.

The WB supply company shut tight and dreaming of summer.