Mind Surf

The waves of the past few days are all gone here. Only a tiny perfect wave was left. Can't help but imagine what it would be like if they were bigger.


Impossible closeout


thin lip

mini spit


Timing timing timing

Timing is very important. Note these photos that could have been awsome but my timing was way off. got a bit excited I guess.

Not bad but coulda waited a sec longer

Conner here is about to bust a sick air. There is no air photo. This could have worked in a sequence I guess.

Yet again a nice photo but a little early.

almost awsome but a half second later woulda made all the difference.


GL2 kit and underwater equipment for sale

Time to sell the video equipment since I'm focusing on photography now. Gl2 is in excellent condition. Comes with 2x tele, wide angle, shotgun mic, filters, 2 7hour batteries, 3 tapes, cleaning tape, lens hoods, charger, manual, all cables, remote, and a porta brace bag to hold everything. 2000$

Ewa marine housing rated to 33feet for 200$

Ocean images housing rated to 150 feet 1000$

Ocean Images housing. Comes with 2 O-rings, instructions, weight, extra screws, and silicone grease. Front port has minor scratches that do not show up when underwater or for 50/50 shots. Otherwise in perfect condition.

weight and spare o- ring.

front port with minor scratches showing.

Ewa Marine bag come with silica camera dry, carrybag, and instructions. Front port is clear, but the bag itself is a bit dingy.

carry case and camera dry.

Shot of the front port.

These accessories are all in great condition. All glass is scratch free and clear.

The camera has some light scratching in some places on the body. Was repaired once and works perfect. The lens is clear and scratch free.

both the tele and wide angle are clear and free of scratches.

Lens is clear and free of scratches.

Side view

All the original cables, manual, battery, larger eyepeace, charger, and remote.

Porta Brace bag will hold everything that comes with this kit.