Frames Frames

So, My dad and I cleaned out my grandmother's outdoor shop. I found a bunch of old frames and wood for frames my grandfather left behind. Since nobody else wanted it I took every last scrap I could get my hands on. All of it was old and covered in dirt and dust from sitting in a shop for years. I spent the last few months cleaning the stuff. It's all has a legit antique look too because of the time it spent in the shop, and who knows where before that. Some of it was made in Belgium. My grandfather made all kinds of amazing things from wood in his shop in my grandmother's basement: Three story doll houses, rubber band guns, rocking horses, frames, tables, and more. It's really quite pretty material in my opinion. Anyways I finally cleaned all the frames and wood, and made my first cuts today to create my own frame from my grandfather's stash. All that's left is to glue it together and put on some hardware. It's the simplest piece I could find of the lot and although I'm not new at making miter cuts I didn't want to mess up a nicer piece on my first time. The wood is a motley crew, which will yield some very strange dimensions, but I’m looking forward to completing all the frames and mounting my pictures in my grandfather's work.

The materials and some already completed frames I cleaned.

My first frame.