Congrats Greg and Tracy!

Greg and Tracy got married on Friday, May 13th! I was privileged with photographing their wedding. They are off to the Caribbean for their honeymoon and probably having an amazing time. It was a long day of hard work and a lot of fun! Can't wait for the next one.

Greg and Tracy on the river walk outside Elija's where they had their reception. Love the old, wrecked tug in the background.


Death of a Camera

So.... They all say you will flood a housing eventually. And I laughed. HAH! ME? never.... right? Nope. It actually has happened to me three times. All human error. Fortunately two of the times it was so little water that there was no damage. The last time though cost me a camera, a lens, and battery. I managed to save the memory card though. The camera took one last image before I hopped in the water. I have since replaced it with a 7d. :)

Just remember, attention to detail, it's a photographer, and well, any other professional's bread and butter.

The last photo of a trusty and reliable canon 50d.

The damage salt water causes is permanent. Lens still has salt and moisture inside, battery is corroded, and the camera body is full of salt deposits and corrosion.