Glamour II for my canvas gallery wraps

Well, it's been a while. I have been kept really busy with family photos, and a new job at South End Surf Shop as the new Online Manager for our e-commerce site: http://www.southendsurf.com. The latest development for Kehaya Photo is Glamour II liquid laminate. Its purpose is to give Canvas Gallery Wraps a protective coating to keep them from scratching, cracking, and provide more resistance to sunlight. I was a little uncertain when I ordered this very expensive product, but after a first test on a small canvas I could immediately see that I was capable of applying it safely and effectivly to my canvases. The results are great and even one coating with the foam roller is enough to really make the colors pop. My goal has always been to do everything in my power to ensure that each of my Limited Prints are of the higest quality and last a lifetime. Glamour II is definitly going to be a big part of the process from now on.
This Canvas Gallery Wrap of "Heron Takeoff" is the 7th print made of this photograph and the most techincally accurate print I have ever made. Each edge lined up so perfectly and the Glamour II will ensure it is protected for a lifetime. You can find more information on Glamour II and other products like it at: http://www.breathingcolor.com/