Ocean Rescue Training with Coasties

Hanging out with the life guards is pretty sweet. Today they had training with the WB coast guard. After the training the coasties treated us to a ride over the shoals. We got completely out of the water a few times in that big boat.

Arriving at the WB station.

In the water ready to hoist a victim onto the boat.

JT getting pulled on board.

Alex getting strapped down.

Up he goes

This was one of the harder inpacts as we got air over the back of a wave that broke on the shoals in front of us.

Unfortunatly I was stuck in the back but i'm sure the guys on the small boats got a great view. They were getting air all over.

Everyone was relaxed and happy and wishing they could go out again.


Charelston, SC CofC graduation

Spent a few days in Charleston, SC. It's a city of contrast. Although beautiful and historic, it's not very photogenic. Of course, I've only spent about a total of one week in the place. Spring time flowers are everywhere. The air on one street will be encrusted with jasmine and the next with the sewer. One block is uptown, the next, Projects. All be it the nicest Projects I have ever seen.

These flowers are why the air smelled great almost everywhere. Bad allergies beware.

The large amout of trees power lines and other infrastructure make the city hard to photograph. Also a lack of tall buildings to look down from doesn't help.

Had to visit folly beach. It's supposed to be one of the best surf spots on the east coast when it's on. Obviously not today.

New houses.

Nice old houses.

These are the projects one block away. Actually very nice, they are arranged quad style with playgrounds in the quad.

I was in town for my brother's graduation.

I took some candid shots with waiting for my brother to walk.

Here's another guy looking happy and relaxed before the ceremony starts.

Oh and good news, 2013 and it all turns around.