New Photos Up In The New Port City Java On Racine!!!

Port City Java just got a new location on Racine right across the parking lot from Gold's Gym. first off I have to thank Sarah the store manager, and Megan the marketing manager for accepting my work. I think you will see the quality of the other art in this store is very good. I am super happy to have my photography along side the other artists.

I spent part of the afternoon yesterday and four hours this morning installing some photos around the shop. It was a trial to get the last piece, a 4'X6' Gallery Wrap of Heron Takeoff, on the wall. I actually had it up and was cleaning it when the wire holding the photo slipped and threatened to drop the entire photo! Luckily Ook has an 800 line with an amazing staff who helped me in securely getting this 25-35 lb photo mounted. I should also mention all the employees working hard to open the store also helped out a lot; lending me wire cutters and helping lift the photo into place. Thanks guys and gals!!!

The new store opens tomorrow, Thursday, April 14Th!!!! Stop by, grab a coffee, and let me know what you think of the photos.

Morning: the best time for coffee and to take a moment to enjoy our local wildlife. Have some sugar.

You find unexpected beauty in so many places; like this Passion Flower I found growing wild on an island in the intercoastal.

Sometimes coffee makes me feel like this.