TS Danny

I chased TS Danny up to the OBX even though the waves were forecast to be great everywhere. It turned out pretty good and I even got my first 2 photos on surfline! http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/danny-delivers-tropical-storm-sends-fun-surf-to-east-coast_30145/

Unfortunately I worked myself so hard I got pneumonia and ended up collapsing in my apartment before finally going to the doctor. I'm finally feeling better though, and have done a bit a spearfishing and had a chance to get these photos up. It was my second time swimming out in surf up there so I definitely learned a lot. Hopefully I'll get some better ones next time.

S-turns doing its thing. Pretty drifty. I was too tired to fight it and kept having to walk back down the beach.

Another one out there. This guy air dropped and made the bottom turn. Right as he was set up for the barrel I realized I was too far out and missed it just as he pulled in. Definitely the best chance I had at getting a shot of a guy in a tube.

Lighthouse barreled all day. In the afternoon everyone left and the place got real empty.

Benny B would have had a stand up barrel on this one but a late drop resulted in a broken board. He got another and 20 minutes later got spat out of another wave.