Strange monster found in the marsh. Try to guess what it is before scrolling down for the answer :)
AHHH!!! what is it?

Dead Sunfish.


Leonids Meteor Shower

Just a quick one. Woke up at 2:30am and drove down to Fort Fisher to check it out. Turned out to be a lot better than i thought. It's really hard to get a photo of a meteor. Needs to be really bright. I managed to come away with one though. Enjoy.

Here i have marked out Leo and Mars. The meteor is on the left and the dotted light is an airplane going by. Click to enlarge.


Ida/Nor Easter

Hurricane Ida became a pretty little Nor Easter that even sent waves down to Wrigthsville Beach. Got a few photos, and finally got into a few barrels with surfers thanks to Chris Curry, Jarrod Covington, and their excellent surfing.

Click to enlarge

What a view.

Jarrod Covington

Chris Curry